How do I angle my character correctly?

I don’t know how to explain this properly but, how do I pivot or orientate my character so it’s on an angle that’s realistic.


I apologize for the bad drawing but,

The checked drawing is the thing that I want to achieve using Body Gyro

The red cross is what I have right now, very unrealistic.

Thank you in advance if you indeed solved my problem. :-))

IDK what the character is holding in material but if possible, weld them at the position you want so they will always be aligned.

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Connect to the web object (w/e that is) via a cylindrical or ballsocket constraint?

The cylindrical constraint would give you a slightly more controlled pendulum effect than a ballsocket or a weld as @rotbotrotbot mentioned. Depending on what exactly your going for.

bodygyro uses a cframe right? you could just rotate the character to the strings attachment rotation (i assume the string is a beam so it has attachments, but part orientation works too if its a long part)

your attachments have property “orientation” which lucky for us is same as CFrame.Angles except in degrees form. so you could do this

myBodyGyro.CFrame = CFrame.Angles(math.rad(attachOri.X),math.rad(attachOri.Y),math.rad(attachOri.Z))