How do I animate a dummy holding an object

So I wanna animate this object and attach it to my dummy image

So I used moon animator and used the easy weld feature I attached the model to the right arm of my dummy and when I opened the animator it won’t show the object, so how do I fix this?


When you want to weld, you do the easy weld, as you did, but that is in the right hand, so you’d weld it onto that. After that, it won’t show up with the things in the rig. What you do instead is moving the right hand in the animator, and if it isn’t anchored and everything, it should move correctly by rotating / moving the hand. Hope this helps! :wink:

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I did that but I don’t want the right hand going crazy just to include the object cause I wanna make an animation like drinking and putting the object into a table when It’s done, so if I did that the right hand would be still in the table decapited.

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Ohhh, I see what you mean now. I’ll try to help.
So, when you want to animate a part, you need to add the part into moon animator, as if it was an NPC. But before you actually add it into the animation, check “CFrame” on the menu below.

After that, it becomes a little bit more complicated. You rotate the part, (you cannot select it in moon animator, so rotate it MANUALLY in studio itself), and then in Moon Animator, select the CFrame, select Track, and click “Add to Tracks”.

After that, it becomes a Keyframe. If you keep doing this, you can then animate a part. To animate it with an NPC, do the same thing, but make it move with the hand.
And make sure to delete any welds. Specifically the ones you get when putting a part on the baseplate. It’ll look weird.
I have tried it myself, and it worked fine.

PS, if anyone else sees that I am wrong in any way, or if someone needs help, just tell me! Thank you.

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You can make your object into a tool then put the tool into the model that will be playing the animation. This way you don’t have to weld things together(only the parts in the tool).

You can use this extremely efficient tutorial by @Headstackk:
How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)


How do you make it a tool though (Sorry this is my first time making an object a tool)

This should help a little bit. When you make your animation make sure u put the animation property to action. This tutorial also uses a great weld plugin.