How do I animate a rig to become transparent in moon animator?

I have started to create an animation with a r15 rig but I want to make it to become transparent halfway.
Is there any way to do this?

I think you might just have to basically do cframe animation for each part

  1. Select each part of the rig individually
  2. Add them to the animation, making sure to check the box labelled “Transparency”
  3. Now they essentially work like cframes in Moon Animator
  4. Keyframe at the start and before the point where you want the rig to disappear
  5. When you’ve marked the keyframes tab out of Moon Animator
  6. Edit the transparency of all parts
  7. Tab back into Moon Animator and add a new keyframe, making sure not to change the current frame you’re on
  8. The animation should now also change transparency

Unfortunately, however, CFrame based animations, or anything that’s not a rig in general cannot be exported into an animation, instead requiring tweenservice. This method only works within the animator itself and will not carry over if you export it and play it in game.