How do I apply a material to a humanoid, while keeping it's curves around parts?

Hello, Tophat here.

This question had popped into my head very suddenly, and I would like to know the answer to it.
Below is a picture of the design I would like to achieve. (Taken from an existing game, solely focusing on the design, not the animation stance or the sword.)


I would like to create a humanoid that has a completely different material than the normal plastic used by default. Notice how the humanoid still looks like one, with curves at each edge of the limbs and torso.

However, when I tried to replicate this design, I encountered a problem.

Due to the fact that the head of a default character is a SpecialMesh, I cannot change the material of it. This was easy to fix by making the head transparent, and using a MeshPart of a head for appearance.
Unfortunately, I do not have a way of changing the material of the rest of a humanoid’s body while maintaining the curves.

Below is an example of what happens when I try to change the materials of a humanoid’s limbs or torso.

The left arm has the Metal material, yet instead of curves around each edge, the arm now has sharper edges. I do not want this to happen.

How can I replicate a design similar to the first image, while keeping the curves around limbs visible?



The one thing that I do is to export the noob to Blender either already positioned in studio or to position him there and then export it as a FBX file that you import to Roblox.

So that means that I should install Blender, mess around with the controls and work with it then. I should have known that I would eventually have to use Blender, even though I wasn’t bothered to try it before.


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So I have now tried to use blender to import my model and export it back to Roblox, now I have got my intended result!

(This is just a test example, from left to right: Avatar, Metal, Diamond Plate, Marble and Glass)