How do I approach to learning intermediate code for Roblox Lua

Hello, :wave:
I have been making games on Roblox for a year but I have never released a game because I would lose my motivation to carry on and finish the game. I feel like its mostly to do with lack of knowledge to script in Roblox Lua (I know the basics like functions, if statements, etc… but not the intermediate Lua). So I would like to know what are the topics I would need to know to go past this stage and tips on how to stay motivated; basically, everything that would help me. :slight_smile:

Things I know:

  • Debugging (print)

  • Functions

  • Basic things like (Parents, Colour change, Size change, etc…)

  • Scopes

  • If statements (If, Else, Elseif)

  • Variables

  • Some services like tween, Getkey

  • Thanks, guys! :happy2:


There is a scripting roadmap map by @ ArrantNickel

You can check this out

There is also topics on how to stay motivated too

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Thanks, @Dolphin_Worm for the help.

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