How do i best launch a game and its group?

Im hoping to launch a group called big brain studios, it will be a raid group/clan that will do random battles and PVP against other groups, it will also build random games, im struggling to think what will be the best time to put up ads, what ads they should be, what robux amount i should put as a budget for launch, and how to gain members that are loyal.

Forgive me if this is in the wrong section, im still new to the forum and only joined a few weeks ago.

The best thing you could do (in my opinion) is get a few games going. If a group looks empty (i.e no games), you will lose a lot of potential members due to it being “boring”. Customize a few nice, fun games, then you will get fans to join.

A second thing you could do is be interactive. Make sure it is an interactive experience, where everyone is involved, keeping members hooked.

In the case of advertising, I would hold off until you have games (like I said, you may lose members). Once you do advertise, mess around and experiment with the amounts, until you find the perfect number. Best of luck!

Ah, thanks for the advice, ill be applying it to the group.

Make some games, and set your studio apart. What makes me want to stay at your group and games instead of another studio? Answer that, and then you might be able to advertise.