How do I bring attention to my horror game?

Hey, my group made a cool game based on dead by daylight and we put a lot of work into it but it hasn’t gone anywhere. How can I get some traction noting that have very limited resources meaning we cant go spend 50k on ads. I really cant afford for this to flop. Here’s the game HeartBeat [ALPHA] - Roblox. Unrelated check out my amazing trailer lol.


I’d say, make a discord server to manage new player. Then, tell all of your friends, real life or not, about the game. Play it with them, if they like it, encourage them to tell other friends. Once at least 1 person played your game and likes it, he might tell friends about because 1 person is not as fun as, for say, 5. once you get a single server in players, (which is the hard part.) you just need to wait for the same cycle to continue Then, depending on if you have game passes or not, you can advertise the game for like 5k robux. After a while, you can get a game with a player base kind of like High Tide. I hope this helps!

Also nice trailer!

EDIT: The running animation is too weird, it looks like I’m dancing, not running.

Your game is so cool, I love it. I wish you good luck with advertising.

I think if you play it with your friends, there is a chance people will see your game and join too.

I absolutely love the concept, seems very well done. Definitely invest as much as you guys can into the ads, they’ll get you up and about.

Contact a lot of small popular youtubers, they can boost your game a little to begin spreading the word.

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