How do I bring hype for my upcoming game Hero's Journey?

I am making a anime pvp game,the devlopment going pretty well,just the thing is i dont have a big community behind it.How do i grow one.Yes i have social media and ect ect but still it takes a lot of time.Can someone provide me tips how to,like i see so many big games growing from small community in a matter of time,help will be appriciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also if your wondering about my game,here’s a trial demo,just 1 of the 20 skills:

Discord: Discord


Usually just make an account on Tik Tok and promote the game it’ll usually get you started with a baseline of supporters.


Uh my tiktok be banned in my country.But ill try thanks. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


cant play it


I would suggest to make ads for it and have a great ad thumbnail or icon or just go to big roblox servers that there is self promo games that’s another way to do so

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I’d advertise my game here:

Yes I know its about groups but some people don’t even advertise anything so I guess you could advertise a game.

All getting ready,got a guy to make a gfx.

Open Testing today!
You may like to join!

Closed it sorry,You know how it works.