How do I build a rocket?

So, I’ve been playing this game Rocket Tester for a while, and I have wondered how can I do a rocket in Roblox, can be very basic, not looking for something really multi-staged for now.


Well, are you trying to make a rocket in roblox studio or blender? Cause studio might be a bit more challenging than blender.

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Roblox studio, I don’t really like Blender.

I suggest trying to start simple, a rectangle or whatever name it has for being three-dimensional and a few wedges, along with the standard pointy-roof. When making anything, starting simple and just adding on to what is already there is really how others get good at well, building. I like to add layers to any model I make, like adding an extra brick or two to the outside of something like a car, so it looks a little thicker.

The point is you need to start simple, and then add onto what is already there, and you’ll slowly get better at making, in this case; rockets. There really isn’t a how-to video or book that can solve your specific issue entirely since, at times, even those things could leave out crucial details for the sake of time or maintaining video length.

All-in-all, just experiment and you’ll be fine!


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try that.

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Well, you could use google images as a source to base your rockets off of. If you want a low poly rocket, I’d definitely recommend Blender as it’s more efficient and gives better results. ROBLOX Studio is another option if you want to modify pieces of the rocket in Studio.

I put together a sketch of a simple rocket just for you that way you can use it as a reference if you like

Hope this helped, cheers!


Thank you! Helped a lot. I will continue posting here.


When it comes to building I have certain steps that I follow to make the process a bit easier.

  1. Make a mood/inspiration board to make ideas

  2. Gather your favourite bits from your board and try put them into one, using some of your own ideas

  3. Make some sketches with annotations so you really understand what you’re making and have a brief idea of what you’re going to do and how

  4. Go for it! You will learn as you go and hopefully you’ll end up with what you want!

I hope this helped out a bit. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for a late reply, but thanks for the tip.


Firstly, you might want to plan out or find pictures of what you want to build. Then, you may use basic parts such as cylinders, and blocks to form a basic shape. After that, use some negates or even add more parts to increase it’s detail.

Do it in 4 stages:

  1. Plan/ research
  2. Build out the basic shape
  3. Use more methods like negates and unions to get the shale you want.
  4. Finally, add the finishing touches like parts to enhance the details.
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Yesterday I was bored and I build one this might help you.
You should begin in
Blender making the triangle fit with (S(Scale) with the Cylinder.
Then colored and export and into studio you can add as many details as you want this is how my rocket was when I begin then I need it to add more detail.
Hope this is helpful!

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Might use this as a solution but for now i’ll take some more suggestions

Then I think you should go for a more cartoony look. Most of the parts that builders can insert are enough to build a simple, cartoony Rocket Ship. Hope this helps you out. If you need more information, simply reply.

Yeah some more information like how would it look like

Perfect. I think he should make this but make the base, white part longer to look more realistic.

Might and try to use Blender ngl, I have that just taking space for no reason in my computer

Ok yeah this helps you to make the rocket hope helps other people

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Yeah that might make the rocket better

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Hi there,

I’m actually quite experienced building rockets - I built for a game called “Liftoff” (You may have heard of it if you’re familiar with Rocket Tester).

Here’s some of my work:


My process was generally to build with a picture open on my second monitor (If you don’t have a second monitor, switching windows works too).

To actually build the rocket, I used a part and inserted a special mesh and changed the MeshType to cylinder. That’s for the fuselage. To make size transitions, I duplicated the cylinder and changed the MeshType to sphere. That way, I could transform the sphere and make it long to change the size. Here’s an example:


If you need any more details/help, just ask. I’ll help you


Thank you, maybe show a picture of your previous work for Liftoff?