How do i build hype?

Hello, now I’ve been working on releasing a pre-alpha version for my game testers, I started thinking about how I would start to make a decent discord “Anticipation” player base, I tried posting some parts of a map in a development discord server, no luck. How would i create a decent pre playerbase?

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Here are the leaks i posted:

There are many ways to do this; I would make YouTube videos showcasing the game and slowly gain views, if you can. Players getting small sneak peaks of a game that looks interesting and cool may gain more attention on YouTube, as they could share it with others and then they could see the game too. You could also try showing friends the game, and ask if they’d like a small sneak peak of what you are working on right now. The main way I have seen people create a pre-playerbase is by doing what I said above with YouTube videos and posting those.

This game looks pretty cool, and I have no doubt that it has a ton of potential. I wish you the best of luck on gaining attention for it; I can’t wait to see what this game has in store. :smiley:


Thanks, I’ll try uploading a sneak peek video on youtube, and see how that goes.

Of course; always happy to help out! Good luck with that, and I hope to see it do well!

Try making some posts on twitter with some animations of a certain gun, object, attack or a build showcase from your game.

I don’t have Twitter :confused: kinda sad, but true, is there any other place other than twitter and youtubbe?

TikTok? It’s a really famous app that most children/teenagers are using at the moment.

Tell friends to tell to other friends. If their friends enjoy it, it will be dominos falling.

uhm, I meant pre playerbase…???

Bit late I know, but you could try holding public tests on small parts of your game. My friend did that to his, and it worked very well.

For example you could show people the combat system and let them have a try of weapons just a random idea not related to your game, as not only do the fans get to try a bit of your game, you also get some very helpful bug reports from the tests! Let me know if you have or will try this out, as I would be interested to see how it goes.

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