How do I call a Roblox game API?

Hello I was wondering how I can get the Information of game,!/Games/get_v1_games_list
I’ve never worked with API much so I have no Idea how to call it from a Roblox game, so please direct me to the right place,

Thanks, ENTMT

API is a set of functions provided by the engine to control a game, in this case I am guessing you are looking for API reference?

Roblox API Reference Manual
Learn Roblox

I’ve seen that but I don’t knowhow to call it inside of a game

You would use HTTPService to send web requests. Since you can’t make webcalls to the domain in Roblox Studio, you would need a proxy.

To learn how to use HTTPService for webrequests, I recommend watching tutorials

I’m 100% sure that you can’t access Roblox’s Web API unless you have a proxy (such as rprxy)

You can try and use HttpService to make requests to the domain however (if I’m not wrong) Roblox may block these requests unless the scripts are a higher context level?

I’m not sure though.