How do I call for values from tables that are inside tables?

Hello. I’m trying to grab the “stats” of a table that’s inside a table. Or a dictionary I guess it would be. This is the table and dictionaries.

This is the line that I have to try and call for the table.
EDIT: I know the string says “Act1” for when it tries to find the table. That was an accident lol, but it still prints the same error without it, And the value is not set to a nil / nonexistant value.

And this is the error that prints.
Anything helps.

dictionaries do not support table related methods. What you may want to do is just do ActsInfo["Act"..tostring(Acts.(blahblahblah).Value)].

table.find only works for arrays, try to use a loop that iterates thru the ActsInfo until “ObviousName” is the value you’re searching for.

local FindAct
for key,Data in next,ActsInfo do
    if Data.ObviousName == "Act 1" then
        FindAct = Data
print(FindAct.ObviousName) -- this will error if the search fails.

You can just use this

local FindAct = Actsinfo["Act"..tostring(Acts.ActDisplay.CurrentPage.Value)]
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