How do I center text in a forum?

Hi, I’m not sure if i’m posting this in the correct category. If so, please correct me.


How do you center your text and add a line in a forum that you’re writing?

For example:

Link to the forum in the image above: Welcome to Bloxburg - Update Log

I’ve tried searching and investigating different sources, but I haven’t found anything that answers my question.

<div align="center">
text goes here

End Result:

text goes here

Yes, you do what @xMax_yy replied. I just found out for myself now, LOL :rofl:.

When you have such a question (about formatting), you can search through Discourse about your question because the DevForum uses that same format (for the most part). That’s how I just learned how to center text.

Here’s the post that talks about centering text.


If you want to center a photo, use the method @xMax_yy used but instead of this:

<div align="center">
[copy paste an image here]

do this:

<div align="center">

[copy paste an image here]


For some reason, centering photos only works if there are extra enter between the image and the code. If you want to align plain text, adding extra enters isn’t necessary.

If you’d like to learn more see: Developer Forum Formatting Guide

Too add lines, type three dashes like this:



@xMax_yy @TheCarbyneUniverse @DJCreeper_167
Thank you all for the help and tips! Much appreciated. :smile: