How do i change explosion particles

hi devs,

is there a way to change explosion particles if not is there a way to imitate explosion physics
any links, tutorials or other forums would be of great help.

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You could turn off the Explosion’s visible property. Then clone a custom particle emitter to the position of the explosion.

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then how would i enable the explosion?

It’s a visible property, it doesn’t change the physics. After that you can just add the particle you want in a particle emitter.

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then witch property enables the explosion???

The explosion is already enabled, there’s no way to enable or disable it.


so if i instance it it will EXPLODE INSTANCELY

Ohhh wait… INSTANTLY?? wow i dont know what you want…

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i want to know how to make custom eplosion

Ohhh ok… Thank you, Could you change the colors… Use the properties to modify

witch properties???

What… Normal properties i means

You’re correct. If you add an explosion to something it explodes then removes its self shortly after.

To make a custom explosion:

  • Set the visible property to false
  • Connect to Workspace.DescendantAdded
    • Check if the descendant is an explosion with visible set to false
    • Get Debris (game:GetService(“Debris”)), add a particle emitter to the same parent as the explosion, call :Emit(x) on the emitter, add the emitter to debris. For custom actions when something is exploded, use the Explosion.Hit event.


local Workspace = game:GetService("Workspace")
local Debris = game:GetService("Debris")

local emitter --set to your particle emitter

	if descendant:IsA("Explosion") then
		if descendant.Visible = false then
			local newEmitter = emitter:Clone()
			newEmitter.Rate = 0
			local amount = 20
			--Set speed and calc amount you want for different sized explosions
			newEmitter.Parent = descendant.Parent
			Debris:AddItem(newEmitter, 5)--set 5 to the max time you want your particles to appear for.
		--for custom effects on parts, connect to hit:

Edit 2:
Set emitter to the particle emitter you want. Probably something in ServerStorage (it gets cloned). I’d recommend calculating the speed and life time of the particles and the amount so that the explosion effect fills the right space. You could also find custom explosions by their name (replace descendant.Visible = false with a check for a specific name).

You can read more about the API here:


of what???

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Forget … I think you have an answer above

thank you so much example code would HELP

The people here have already given you the basic needed information from what I can see. Just write the code yourself from what they’ve given you.

thank you every one i got my answer

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Then mark the answer as the solution.