How do i change sound timelength?

I want to cut out last part of music

here is screenshot

please help me with this

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You could define the time you want it to stop in a script, wait for the sound to reach that point then :Stop() it.

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i dont know how to script that

Something like

local TIME_LENGTH = 300


Thank you!
do i need to put in in Sound?

You don’t have to, but it might make sense to

You can put i anywhere you just need to access the sound through the script, for example if you put the sound in workspace you type

local sound = game.Workspace.sound
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It is not working

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The name of the sound in workspace isn’t “sound” is “sound1” change the name of the sound or the variable in the script


i changed it now, how do i make it looped?

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change it to local sound1 = workspace:WaitForChild("sound1")

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The solution is written below me, but also if you wanted to wait the exact amount of time that the sound lasts, you can replace

local TIME_LENGTH = 68 with local TIME_LENGTH = sound1.TimeLength - Amount you want to shorten the song by

See this page

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You could easily find your answer with a quick google search.

The point was to end the sound early, which is why it’s a number and not the TimeLength

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Thank you so much!!! it is working now!!!

TimeLength is a read-only property, although we can “change” it by setting the PlaybackSpeed to
current length/new length:

local Sound = script.Parent 

function SetLength(sound, length)
	sound.PlaybackSpeed = sound.TimeLength/length

--the sound must be loaded, therefore it only works on the client
local load = Sound.IsLoaded or Sound.Loaded:Wait()
SetLength(Sound, 34) --34 is the new length(in seconds)
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as an additional solution you could use an external program to trim the audio

local sound = script.Parent.sound1
local TIME_LENGTH = 300

while true do
    task.wait(TIME_LENGTH) -- the sound will play again that makes the sound stop and play again (Looped)

edit: to explain he want to stop and play the song at a Specific time. That means he cant use the Normal “Looped” function thats already on sounds. thats why he need to use a Loop in the Script as well.