How do I change the camera zoom in/out increments?

I want to reduce the increments of camera zooming when using the scroll wheel. The issue is that when I turn my character small and reduce the max camera distance, the zoom increments are so large that I can only go max zoom distance or minimum zoom distance.
I feel like I need to edit one of the playerscripts, but I don’t really know where to start.

You would probably have to make a custom camera system

  1. Enter test and copy PlayerModule from StarterPlayer > StarterPlayerScripts.
  2. Exit test and paste it into the same folder.
  3. Navigate to PlayerModule > CameraModule > BaseCamera.
  4. On line 373, multiply zoomDelta by some constant between 0 and 1.
local zoomDelta: number = CameraInput.getZoomDelta() * 0.5 -- Cuts zoom speed in half

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