How do I change the name of the Guest role in a group?

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I want to change the name of the Guest role in a public group.

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Roblox doesn’t allow public groups to change their Guest role name. However, I’ve seen other public groups with their Guest role a different name.

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I currently have my group set to private so that when members are accepted in, they get the role with the name I want. This doesn’t work for me however, as I’d like to make the group public.

(Sorry if I’m in the wrong section, I don’t know what section this should go in)

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Hello! I don’t think you can change the name of a “Guest” role. It is impossible

Is there a work around? Like disabling the Guest role in a public group?

You can make them unable to post stuff. You can not disable this role tho.

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The “Guest” role is a sort of invisible role that applies to users who are not in the group (this is mentioned in the default description of the role). By default, the Member role is what a user is automatically assigned to upon being accepted into/joining a group.

If you’re wanting to limit the permissions of users who are not in your group, for example, disabling the visibility of the Group Wall or the Group Shout, that can be achieved by selecting the “Guest” role in the “Configure Group” → “Roles” section and then configuring the available permissions that are provided.

Otherwise, the “Member” role is what should be configured if you just want a different name for the first role that users are assigned.

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Oh, I see. This makes sense now. Tysm!