How do I change the players arms to be a different model?

I want to make it so that the player’s arms change into the arms of this and this
I’ve tried changing the meshid via a script but it doesnt work

Character = script.Parent--The script is in startercharacterscripts
LeftUpperArm = Character:WaitForChild("LeftUpperArm")
LeftLowerArm = Character:WaitForChild("LeftLowerArm")
LeftHand =  Character:WaitForChild("LeftHand")
RightUpperArm = Character:WaitForChild("RightUpperArm")
RightLowerArm = Character:WaitForChild("RightLowerArm")
RightHand =  Character:WaitForChild("RightHand")

LeftUpperArm.MeshId = ""
LeftLowerArm.MeshId = ""
LeftHand.MeshId = ""
RightUpperArm.MeshId = ""
RightLowerArm.MeshId = ""
RightHand.MeshId = ""

i could use the game settings

but i’d rather it being local
does anyone have any ideas?

From what I know, you can’t assign MeshId for a MeshPart through a script.
You should create a new MeshPart for each part of the arm with the MeshId you want then clone and weld it to the player’s arm instead

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i dont think you can do something like this in a local script it has to be done on the server

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