How do I change the texture of terrian?

Hello! Is there any way to change the texture of terrian. Such as like changing a rock texture into just smooth green plastic

Roblox uses its own texture pack. I think there is no way to change the texture of the terrain.

What about this?

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that’s the neat part, you can’t

fortunately sometime this year roblox will be releasing support for custom materials Upload Custom Materials in the New Material Service Beta

you can enable the beta but the materials wont show up in-game, just in studio until they release it completely


I saw that day a plugin called something like terrain to part maybe it should help.

Use the new MaterialService for this.


I’m confused. Does it or does it not exist XD

It does.
Just enable this beta feature.
The MaterialService is in the explorer.
Click on it and set the material overrides.