How do I check if arrow keys were pressed with mouse.KeyDown?

Hello devs, So I am working on Void Script Builder script and I wan’t to check if arrows are pressed with mouse.KeyDown because UserInputService isn’t supported in Void Script Builder FE scripts.

It seems that the left and right arrow keys are voided by the PlayerScripts that use ContextActionService.
The left arrow key’s byte is 20, and the right’s is 19. Up and down is 17 and 18, respectively. If you prevent your PlayerScript from loading, this snippet functions perfectly:

local Mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse();
Mouse.KeyDown:Connect(function(keyCode: string)
	local numberCode = tonumber(string.byte(keyCode));
	if (numberCode == 19) then
		print("right arrow");

The best you can do is kill off the ContextActionService that is being used for the camera system - however, if UserInputService doesn’t work, I doubt ContextActionService will.

Thanks! And how do I convert byte code to string?