How do I clear a user id from my game for a Right to Erasure request?

Me and my friend have received a Right to Erasure action request from roblox to remove a specific ID from our game. Problem is I don’t manage our datastore and the scripter is currently on vacation. Is there any way that I can clear this user ID from my game? (I have very little scripting knowledge)

Can I wait for the scripter to get back to remove the UserID themselves or will action be taken?


I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait for them to return, action could probably be taken whether they’re on vacation or not. I’m not sure what the consequences are if you fail to remove the data in time.

Here’s a thread I found that talks about how to remove it, it seems pretty simple all you need is their UserId.


Alright thank you a lot for that.

I will look into it. It looks to be leading me in the correct direction!

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Well there is a plugin to edit datastores. So if you are willing to spend 150 200 robux for it you could do it that way

DataStore Editor - Roblox