GDPR Right to Erasure How do I go about deleting the data

So I woke up today finding a message from ROBLOX about needing to delete some data for a specific userid does anyone know how I’m supposed to go about this.
My main issue is now knowing what games and some games are using Datastore2 of wich I have no idea how data is stored with DataStore2.
I’m wondering to delete someone’s data would I just do something like
DataStore:SetAsync(key, nil)


What do you mean a message? Was it a message on the devforum, a roblox message or a warning?

I don’t really see why Roblox would message you about this. I haven’t seen this in the past, so I am wondering if it might be a scam.

A ROBLOX message. I’ll attach a image with the userid blurred out

(If you search this up on the Dev Forum you can find a few instances of it)

Yeah, setting the store to nil should be fine. The annoying bit that everyone is talking about is how Roblox doesn’t give you any info about which games to expunge the players data from, so for some people this can mean a lot of scrounging around to delete everything.


This is a very strange and random request. I suggest you contact Roblox about this ( and ask exactly what would need to be done.

Legally, individuals (Europeans) can have their data erased, and someone likely requested theirs to be deleted, even though I don’t see the point of this.

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Thank you, do you have any ideas on how to do it with DataStore2 as well?

When attempting to set the data to nil I get an error saying
Argument 2 is missing or nil

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This is not a strange request.
Many people get this and it is 100% legit.


I have just never seen it before and have never heard of the Right to Erase. I just don’t see why someone would want their data erased when they could just not play the game.

Its the new law from europe, when they request to delete their account they do the same for data, that is why Roblox tells you to delete all the data you stored for that account.
It’s a weird law :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone know how to delete data from DataStore2 by chance

Im pretty sure all you have to do is set it to nil.

Issue is, you can’t exactly do that as datastore2 requires you to pass through the player instance

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Nevermind figured it out here.