How do I consistently scale text sizes?

I am definitely no UI designer, but I have managed to accomplish making my GUI frames and whatnot consistent using the scale instead of the pixel part of UDIM2. Now, the next problem is tackling the problem that is my text consistently getting too big for the screen when the screen gets smaller. How do I stop this?


There’s a TextScaled property



You’ll need to do some math for this one.

I’m not sure I understand.

What do you not understand exactly?

The kind of math I’m going to do, and how the property and function are going to be useful for me.

Does TextScaled not work for you?

Yes. TextScaled is out of the equation here.

From what am aware of it does not get bigger on reducing the resolution. You can use the TextWrapped Property to prevent Text from going out of the Text box on reducing the resolution/typing a lot of text inside the text box.

Top left is 1080, top right is 720, bottom left is 480.

Don’t know why TextScaled wouldn’t work? Do you have TextSizeConstraints in your UI object?

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For basics make sure text is scaled and text is wrapped, people often forget to wrap text.


returns Vector2 in AbsoluteSize (Pixels), you would have to do some math for the container so it’s size can be scaled.

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