How do I convert a decal id to an image id

I’m making a game where one of the things you can do is paste decals onto blocks, but people are having issues with using the marketplace id’s, what should I do to fix this and convert the marketplace/decal id’s to image id’s?

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Converting Decal ID to an image ID
Try this or this:
How to convert decal to image link 2


I’m pretty sure all you have to do is put the ID into a decal, or just install Roblox+/BTRoblox (can’t remember which) and then go to the decal, then click on that little image icon in the corner.


Here script put TextButton on:

local button = script.Parent
local old = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Part1.Image
local new = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent.Part2.Image.ImageId

    new.Image = old.Texture

And asset image id put Decal > Texture Id.

And run test

Click “Convert” button. Enjoy.


I use this plugin: Imiji - convert image IDs - Roblox

It is very helpful as plugins open a window that can be docked to whichever side of your monitor suits you best in Studio. All you have to do is just copy and paste!

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The easiest method to process decals in runtime is to just use the asset’s thumbnail, which is the solution the original poster of @Valkyrop’s second link decided.

This can be accomplished by concatenating the Decal ID onto the end of the following string:


This will give you a 420x420 image to work with. If you absolutely need the full-resolution upload, the only way you can get the raw Image ID is to make an HTTP request to and parse the results yourself; however, this cannot be done directly via HttpService because ROBLOX blocks requests to its own domain, meaning you’d need to send it through a proxy to make the request for you.


I got it, I just needed to use the thumbnail for the image, I know how to get it, it’s just where players put an id and it loads an image. Thanks for all the help though

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