How do I convert rbxm files into fbx

I know there’s a topic on how to convert Fbx into rbxm but it didn’t tell us me how to do it the other way round. I want to convert it into it so I can make it into an animation since this guy wanted me to import there blender


I believe this is relevant.

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I saw that post, the problem is that I don’t have access to blender where the actual work is at, now to use the plugin I’m using you need FBX files the problem is that he sent me them as rbxm files so I can import them. So is there a way to convert them without actually needing to get access to the orginal blender project.

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i think what you should do is export the rbxm as an obj then get it in blender then export that as an fbx maybe

OBJ files don’t support animations.


oh, i thought you were going to animate, but its already animated?

y e s thats everyones problem, putting roblox anims to blender

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