How do I copyright my models?

Hi, I am new to the Roblox Developer forum so sorry if I did some mistakes but I am here to ask how do I copyright the models that I made for my game? me and my group staff which Tecc_src, Hallowate, and some more made assets for the game we are working on and while working as the group/community owner I think I should copyright the models and hold them to protect it so if people tried to steal it we at least had some backup to take it down, although I not pretty sure how do I actually copyright the models, the game still far from its public release but still make me concern if I can’t copyright it I might will having trouble people stealing our assets or copying it without giving credit and making a lot profit out of it which is unfair considering they’re not the original creator of the model design and might make my staff felt sad knowing that their work just simply became someone’s property without giving them credit at all,



click right on object you want to save it as yours then convert to package if someone steal it copy it you can report him

sounds simple enough although aren’t that just not enough to prove to the DMCA that it’s ours?

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im sure if you do it and someone steal it he will get warn or sum after report

alright then I guess, I will just wait if there are more answers from other people but thanks for your help.

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okay this is how i save my models and idont think anyone will steal them

I don’t see you what you mean people stealing your models from your game? like seeing it in your game and remaking it or just outright stealing it from your game? because that really won’t be possible.

I mean base on my knowledge games example QSERF which the type of game I working on but with a completely different design but same genre which Sci-Fi the game map was stolen which the developer had no idea how and probably exploiters are the ones stealing it, so if the exploiters already had original file only copyright can take it down right?

The only way for an exploiter to have an original file is to have been on studio inside that game and stolen it, I don’t see any other way.

hm, well what about the client-side workspace?

Copyright is automatically applied to any tangible thing anyone creates at any time. Read about it here:

Then if you find someone violating it, you can issue them a DMCA takedown.


Oh alright thanks, now I feel much safer now.

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You can go contact for DMCA takedowns.

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