How do I create a bow and arrow? I already got the builds

I am a new scripter and making a valid bow and arrow script is one of my dream scripts. I am not finished learning I really and just trying to figure out what to use to make a arrow propel somewhere like this:

I am really just interested in only the bow shooting nothing else like fire. I dont know what to use at all and I am trying to piece together a script for this! Please do not give me actual scripts I just want to know what I should read up on and things that can help. Mind that this is for a RPG

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Are you making a breath of the wild game? That’s awesome!

For the motion of the arrow, read up on this: Modeling a projectile’s motion - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox


I would use FastCast, a module which uses Raycast for the rays, etc.

It comes with a few functions as well, such as the drop over time, and other features which would prove useful, you can find it on this post


Not exactly. But it is based off of it! I dont want all games to be knock offs not that they all are its just something I see alot

Also thanks for your help :wink:

And thanks for your aswell :wink: