How do I create a form/application gui?

I kind of want to create a custom application center. Obviously that would need forms, I’m wondering what the process of creating forms is. What I’m really asking, is how are scripts designed to record a player’s answers. When a player clicks an answer is it added to a table which will be verified on the server? What is a script’s process of making a form functional?

(I’m talking about on Roblox’s end, not about automation or anything like that.)
(Also, I’m talking about the code behind making an interactive from. Like when you push buttons and enter text.)

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I think the best and easiest way to do it is to send a request to a discord webhook from ROBLOX whenever a player records their answers. You can still validate it because the webhook will send a message in a discord server every time a player records some answers.

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Thank you for comment, but I’m really taking about on Roblox’s end, not servers, proxy, automation, etc.

How the answers are recorded is all up to you, ROBLOX has no sort of API for something like this as far as I know so it really depends on what you’d prefer to do.

You’ll need to make a discord webhook in a discord server with the applications.

(Never use the word discord in the game though anywhere or else your game possibly can be banned, this does not apply to the webhook though.)

What do you mean by roblox’s end? Do you mean reviewing the applications in the roblox game?

Unlike what most people are stated you should NOT be using Discord to log the form/application responses. This is due to it being against the Discord api ToS to use Discord as a place to get data sent to.

If you would like to be able to see responses inside of Roblox itself then you might as well use datastore service and just list out the objects from the storage.


I’m talking about the code behind making an interactive from. Like when you push buttons and enter text.

Oh yeah, forgot about that actually. Instead use a datastore GUI maybe.

If none of those options work, use trello, it has a decent api, and with a bit of research you could probably get it going.

The user stated they would like it to be a Roblox end one and not with anything like apis.

What I said about using a datastore would be possible and for what they want probs will be the best option.

To make GUIs, you will need to use StarterGui and a ScreenGui. More on it here:
Intro to GUIs (
And to store the data
Data Stores (