How do I create a huge ocean with the cartoonish look to it without having weird outline cutoffs?

Greetings fellow robloxians,

I needed to ask since I’ve always had this problem when creating huge sized maps. I am trying to have a cartoonish look to my build but with the map being so big I can only make the ocean so big, as seen in the photos.

My problem here is I have to create multiple parts to have a large scale ocean but it creates this weird outline to it which isn’t appealing to the eye.

Does anyone know an alternative to this or a sort of trick I am oblivious to?

Respectfully asked,

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Are you using a texture or a decal because when I use a texture it seems to line up just fine (I mean its a little off but with a bit of scaling it should be fine)

It’s a texture, thing is I am using meshes to apply these textures onto just so I can get that white outline.

2 questions

  • Is the ocean the same part as the white outline or the same texture?
    If its the same texture then I would just make a white outline mesh separately
  • Is the ocean a mesh that is outlining the island?
    If so it doesn’t need to be, it can be just many giant parts

It’s all a separate mesh part grouped into one if that answers your first question. One one part does the white outlining, while the other mesh part has the water texture underneath the white outlining, etc. There’s 4 mesh parts in total.

As for the second question I’m not sure how to answer that, if I am reading this right than yes. The ocean model is all made of mesh parts.

I can send the model if this does not answer your questions.

Also for that answer you have for the second question/statement you made, I cannot make a white outline then since the part doesn’t allow the child (SurfaceAppearance) to be placed into it.

Is the ocean plate with the texture just a regular part?(It should be)