How do I create a realistic tennis simulator?

So, I am new to Lua. I am currently learning Python with the Codesters program at my school, but I have not started to develop my games in Lua. I am making a realistic tennis simulation game called “Activehenry’s Realistic Tennis”. It is a tennis simulator that controls like any tennis video game. I am trying to create realistic tennis physics, but so far, my game has development problems. Can anyone please help me start coding in Lua? I know how to build a tennis court for the game, and I am creating the menus in PowerPoint 2016, and also the HUD.

I want to know how to code in Lua, and how to create a realistic tennis simulator in ROBLOX. So, I really need some help coding. If anyone can help me start creating one, I will really appreciate it! Thank you.

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Well for starters, I’d assume you would have to do the animations before getting to the script, and then you can use camera control, to follow your mouse.


I can do the animations. But I can’t do motion capture yet. So, I have to do the animations by hand. Thanks for the advice.

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No problem!

I hope I gave you a solution, anyways nice day/night!

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That’s a very broad question you’re asking. There’s many parts to making any kind of a game and a Tennis Simulator is no exception. You’ve gotta get more specific than this - what are you looking for? I can surmise multiple meanings out of your thread:

  • You wish to know where to get started with Lua
  • You wish to create a tennis game with accurate physics (broad in itself)
  • You wish to know where to get started how the physics of tennis play out in a Roblox environment
  • more?

Saying that you want to create a “realistic tennis simulator” is far too broad a question to be answered. I mean someone could make an essay-long response to your question but I’m sure people are looking to answer any concise questions you may have about this process altogether. I’d advise making your inquiry more explicit (i.e. “Where can I find information on Lua?”, “How would I go about making a system where players hit a ball and it moves based on x and y and maybe z?”).


A heavily physics-based game like this is going to be hard to make on Roblox.

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So, does it take a dev team to do it? If so, about how many of each role do I need, and how long will it take to create it?

Here’s the thing, anyone who has the physics know-how is highly unlikely to work with someone who has little to no understanding of Lua. You won’t understand what they are doing, and they could be spending there time working on a project with other experienced dev’s that will give them a chance at making money.

So unless you are willing to pay the big denaro :money_with_wings:. It’s not gonna happen for you.

Start smaller. Perhaps a disco dance floor : )


While certainly possible to create that type of game on Roblox, it will take many weeks if not months of work to create and perfect, especially if you are doing it all solo. And if you are so new to Lua, it may become frustrating to do very easily. Just start smaller! No need to immediately create a super amazing game that will blow everyone away!

Well, I’m an experienced builder and retexturer, so I will be the modeler and builder, and also the leader of my dev team for my game. Also, I want the developers that I am working with to teach me how to code along the way. That will be a great solution, and also I can create the courts, the menu models, and more for my game.

Having developers who are working on creating a game are very unlikely to teach others how to code alongside their pretty intense physics calculations (i would assume).

Lua is pretty simple to pick up if you are trying to learn. I would seriously recommend heading on to YouTube and checking out @Alvin_Blox’s and @SteadyOn’s videos because they are a brilliant place to start and explain why something happens as opposed to “Write this and it works”


Thank you for the advice. I’ll try that soon.


I’d assume 1 - 3 programmers, and 1 - 3 builders. And 1 GFX Designer.

Okay then.

The physics required to go in to this game are above and beyond, this has been mentioned numerous times on this thread so I won’t go in to more depth on that. However I don’t believe you should completely scrap your idea of tennis, perhaps you should start smaller with your limited knowledge of lua.

You have a lot to take in to consideration, such as the power a user hits at, the angle a user hits at, properly making ball physics, etc… Something like that shouldn’t be done by a beginner (that would be difficult for even a professional to make)

So? What do I propose? Start by doing things like making a tool, welding your tennis racket, doing basic game start and end functions, etc… All key features of the game but not the entirely advanced part. Learn how to rotate the character based off mouse positions and orientate the animations that way, etc…

To answer your question, I wouldn’t, at least not right this second. I don’t really know how I’d go about this, so don’t quote me. However I would most likely raycast from the tennis racket add archs to it, then display the ball is some form of trail. If it hits the ground do another set of rays until it hits a racket. But as I said don’t quote me on this, I’ve never worked on something like it and I could very well be telling you an awful way to do it. If anyone has any better ways then please let me know!

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Thank you for the great advice! You gave me a lot of information on how to create this realistic tennis simulator game. I’ll start learning Lua soon.

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