How do I create a sphere made of multiple parts?

So, I’m trying to make a sphere made of multiple cubes, something like this:
Yes, I’m trying to make cs2 smoke in roblox, but I just need a way to make a sphere out of cubes like this. How would I do this? I need to be able to control the cube size and sphere size but I have no idea how.

local diameter = 10
local chunk = * 5 --,5,5) -- the blocky blocks size
local pos = --,0,0)
local r = diameter/2
local t = (chunk.X + chunk.Y + chunk.Z)/3
for x = -r, r, t do
	for y = -r, r, t do
		for z = -r, r, t do
			local pos2 = pos +, y, z)
			if ((pos2 - pos).Magnitude > (r)) then return end;
			local part ="Part", workspace) -- parented on workspace
			part.Size = chunk
			part.CFrame =
			part.Anchored = true

idk if it works, save your game first before your computer crashes (maybe)

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