How do I create a Terrain Minimap

I have this large terrain map and I want to create a Minimap in the top right corner. I used Roblo’x Terrain to make my map, and what I want to happen is when u click the minimap a bigger version of the map appears and u can tap somewhere to mark., just like how Fortnite’s works.

Have you looked at the roblox minimap system?
Minimap System | Roblox Creator Documentation.
It might help you get a starting point.

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I’m struggling to find the minimap.

You can definitely generate these at runtime through Lua and GUIs by reading the terrain data, however it’d be very performance intensive.

I’d recommend using a system like the minimap system someone linked above

I don’t understand it though, because I downloaded the BattleRoyale File and I’m not finding anything about minimaps.