How do I create a train on robox studio?

hello, I would like to make a train, but the problem is that I am a beginner! I can’t show my builds because I deleted everything, if someone helps me, I say thank you


What are you building? a subway train similar to NYC MTA or a Locomotive

a Train for a beginner builder is a pretty hefty job, I wouldn’t recommend building that as the first thing you create. Try something smaller, like a house, building and maybe even a car!

If you would like to build a train, I personally would try to find a blueprint of a train they you’re planning to make. You should just do one side and use a Plug-in that mirrors what you’ve done on the other side. After you finish 1 of the “karts” you should just duplicate them and make changes on the other “kart” (I don’t know what to call it, lol).

(This is what I personally would do)

Essential plugins include: mirror plugin, arch 2 plugin, curve cutter plugin. Using these tools will help you to shape 1/2 the train and then using the mirror to make the other half.

I would recommend using this plugin if your a beginner!

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Depends on the style, are you going for hyper realistic or just a fun little choo choo train? either way references are a builders best friend if youre a visual learner

Creating a train is as easy as building a car! (At least for me)

Take a photo of the train, but keep the photos from the front, back and sides. Then add parts to the template you created and size it!

For an easier model, you can look at simple 3D models.

Good luck!

I want to create a metro train, yes it’s his

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Are you sure of yourself?

If so, I’ll trust you.

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Yea, I’m sure of myself also watch this video on how to make a Metro

Watch All The Series if you want to learn! :grin: