How do I create a tutorial for a complex mechanic that isn't confusing

Hello, I am working on a Tapping/Clicker game called Idle Tappers with someone else and we are struggling to make a good game tutorial. There is a mechanic in our game called the Bank which gives you “Taps” over time, just like something you would find in a mobile game. This is what the UI looks like:

This is the upgrade menu:


The struggle is that we don’t know how to introduce this to the player and having them understand what it does clearly. Having made the system and UI, I do not find it confusing at all myself but when we have had people test, they got confused on what it does.

There is no other clicker game on Roblox that I know of that has this feature, so it would be completely new to all players. How do I go about introducing this feature to the player? Having a ton of text telling them what it does most likely won’t cut it, as most people will either get bored and leave or just not pay attention to it and then don’t know what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Thank you for being self aware and noticing that the big chunk of text would not work very well. I would set up a dialogue with some visual clues. I did some quick research on my favorite website that showcases UI elements and I sorted it by tutorials and mobile.

as you can see they manage to explain with icons and visuals.
I would follow a dialogue along the lines of:
Welcome to the bank! (use a visual that shows capacity and hours with a corresponding number) This is your vault, it collects taps automatically for you as long as you play.(next page) Upgrade the amount of taps you acquire per hour by purchasing upgrades. This takes maybe 20-40 seconds to read, and visuals can easily help maintain attention. If you need any help with visuals, game design, or anything of the sort, I’ll happily help out free of charge and no attribution needed :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: forgot to link the website haha

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In order to provide my feedback, would it be possible if I tested the game myself? I didn’t really get an idea of how it works by just reading and looking at two pictures.

My Discord: Kryptoriumx#9696

You could essentially have arrows pointing to where you should tap right at the start of the game. For example, when they open bank, give dialogue about the bank, and then tell them what buttons to tap in order to upgrade the amount of taps you get. Explain any finer details, and then leave a help button so they can play the tutorial again if they need a revision.

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