How do I create a water splash effect?

When you jump into the basepart, it creates a splash, the stronger the force, the bigger the splash, I don’t know the approach to this

I honestly don’t do coding as much, but if I were to give you an advice, you should ask Chatbot because why not.

I know this answer seems dumb and idiotic, but I use chatbot when I can’t figure something out regarding Lua.

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Asking ChatGPT is usually what I eventually do after asking on devhub, thanks for the answer though

You could use Particles to create the splash effect. Put a hitbox part above the basepart. Calculate the speed by getting touched event of hitbox part then waiting until basepart is touched. That’s the speed that you can use to change the size of the particles and the amount.

(This is just a way to approach this)

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That make sense, I will try to implement this

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