How do i create basic music/sound effects?

I want to keep this simple: How do i create basic music/sound effects? I need a basic and simple program, i was trying to use FL Studio, but it’s very hard for me to find how can i use it. Well, how can i create music/sounds with an easy program? Thanks :+1:


try make music with chorme music lab Chrome Music Lab - Song Maker

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I don’t really know how you’d create sound effects from scratch but you can record real life sounds of like let’s say banging for example and customise it in an audio editing program to fit closer to the sound you had in mind. Games and movies and stuff create sounds from the most random of things like slapping bread and celery and then modifying that.

Building on what @HilyrHere said, you can make sounds out of almost anything. I make slap sound effects by smacking a watermelon with a plank of wood(No joke). As for music, it depends on what approach to it you’re trying for, and what specifically you’re looking for. Drumbeats and percussion tracks are excellent in FL Studio, but if you don’t understand how that software works, then I would suggest looking at some of the free alternatives, like SoundTrap.

As for methods, if you’re just looking for simple music, then anything will do. I currently use Mixcraft 7 for my music compositions but I am looking to upgrade to Cubase. However, if you’re not really all that well versed in music, I would suggest researching the basic tenants of music theory(Rhythm, triads, melodies, and keys, among other things), then trying to create your own music.

If you need more in-depth help, I’d be glad to assist!