How do I design clothing in a 3d workflow

It is already hard enough making any clothes on 2d paint programs like photoshop or A human brain just isn’t wired to visualise everything in a cardboard box-life form. How do people do ornate shading on these clothes? Put stickers and graphics on edges of a trouser like seen here?

Well, today I’m determined to find out. Whether it’d be texture painting on blender and baking it onto the roblox clothes template, or any other software…I’m determined to find out…I need answers!

There are different methods, one of them is a direct approach using local files import and a dummy for trying out the clothing from the template.

Use this, then place a dummy and then upload the templates using the plugin, which then you apply on the dummy.

I haven’t made clothes in a very long time, but you can try out pixlr maybe it will help you out.

What I did was make a simple rig in blender then map the shirt and pants template to it. Here’s my method and the blend file

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