How do I despawn player model?

Heyo, I was trying to create my menu and I found a REALLY BIG PROBLEM, I have disabled characterautoload and made everything to make character spawn, but there is a problem, the character never despawns and I cant destroy it because roblox keeps spamming this god damn error


I really dont know what to do, I’ve tried searching for any function to use to fix that and I have found something really interesting

but for some UNKNOW reason it can be used on command bar ONLY

My attempts were:


Tried using debris too but no success. Needing help asap! If someone have permission to, please fill this bug on Engine Bugs

You can try setting the health to 0 or setting the “player.Character” to nil then destroying the character?

maybe for a menu, put the players in a box and teleport them instead of loading the character

If you destroy the character this happens, even if its health is on 0

Well, looks like this is the only solution, will need to rewrite a lot of things lol. Thanks a bunch.

I cant believe that there is an engine that you literally cant despawn player model

player.Character:Remove() this should work

Theoretically, you could modify the default camera / movement scripts in StarterPlayerScripts to handle if the Character is destroyed. The issue isn’t that you can’t despawn the player model (Character:Destroy() works fine), it’s that the default camera / movement scripts can’t handle it

Not a good idea.

I thought about doing that but I couldnt find where this error is