How do I detect UWP roblox?

Hey, I wanna ban UWP users from my game because roblox refuses to add byfron to it. Arsenal did this today? How do I detect UWP?

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also fake dc :fearful:

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wdym by fake dc??? eiejsiskd

this is really the most efficient way??

oh my goooooooodddddddddddddd how many times i have to repost this

local UWPVersions = {
if table.find(UWPVersions,Version()) then
     game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer:Kick("uwp detected")



1 roblox uwp update and that method is patched :100:

repeat task.wait() until (game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer)
if (string.sub(version(), 1, 5) == "2.590") then 

your method is already patched because current UWP version is 2.592.586

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if (string.sub(version(), 1, 4) == "2.59") then 


local function getBitCount()
	local address = tonumber(string.sub(tostring{math.huge},8))
	if #tostring(address) <= 10 then
		return 32
	return 64

Bits are used in this function to determine the version. UWP as of now runs on 32 bit so with this it should be able to detect it.
This might help, but be sure to put the script in ReplicatedFirst so it executes as soon as game starts loading.
32 value is UWP.
64 value is not UWP.
Hope it helps!

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This would ban mobile though, as it’s not 64 bit (to my knowledge)

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Most of the new mobile devices have moved to ARM64 so those devices shouldn’t be affected.

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still older devices i worry about

Then you can add an additional check that checks if device is a mobile device. If not then kick player.

I even joined arsenal on my 64 bit phone from xiaomi and i didnt get any detections

developer probably placed IsWindows check just to make sure that he doesnt kick mobile devices

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Useless, UWP executor developers already made UWP detection bypass

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rip but not everyone… still useful in the long run

You cannot patch UWP. Don’t even try.

The UWP app allows tablet support. Disabling it prevents tablet users from using touch controls.

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I believe they used UserInputService to check for inputs thus determining which device are they playing on. IsWindows check is deprecated so it can break at any moment, so that’s something they definitely didn’t use.

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IsWindows check is deprecated

deprecated ~= removed

it still works and its still gonna work (its just not recommended for use in new work because roblox will not update it anymore)

just like Instance:Remove()

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