How do i detect when a player presses "Enter"

im trying to detect when a player presses enter here;

	if Yeha == Enum.KeyCode.

You can see i stopped workign on this because one issue
I cant find out how to detect the enter key. only thing i can find is the numpad enter, not the actual enter key. so how do i check for that?

The way roblox sets it out is so that Num Pad Enter is designated simply as Enter

Now for the “actual enter key” it’s Return

So Enum.Keycode.Return

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ok thank you
char limittttttttt

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Wait but @RealCalculus got it. You should mark theirs. I like to play fair, whoever answers first gets the solution

No worries, you explained it better!

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Nah I like to play it fair and square. You deserve it :saluting_face: