How do I detect when the chat bubble disappears from above the players head?

Context: Im making a quest thingy but its using roblox chat “service” and Im not sure how I would know when to re enable the proximity prompt. once the chat bubble is cleared.

Is there an event or method Im missing?

I’m not much of a scripter but I imagine you could detect when a player sends a message using Messaging Service and waiting the duration time set in the text chat service

local bubbleChatDuration = game:WaitForChild("TextChatService").BubbleChatConfiguration

		bubbleChatDuration.BubbleDuration -- something or other
		-- code

someone correct me if im wrong about this.


ok, your post helped me find a solution. but now I have a different problem TextChatService:DisplayMessage isnt working!!

Are you sure youre not looking for DisplayBubble or DisplaySystemMessage?

checking the documentation I dont see TextChatService:DisplayMessage listed.

OOHHHH i typoed… (its no longer an issue, I used something else, thanks!)

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