How do i Disable Highlight Instances from Selection Outlines

I would like to Disable Highlight Instances from the Selection Outlines.

I am having a hard time adapting to this new feature. Having ONLY bounding boxes helped a lot with measurement. and you might say ow you can still enable the old bounding boxes in view. No it is no the same.

First off the main thing with bounding boxes is that they don’t highlight the object once behind something. This helped a lot in many parts of building like for example trying to keep a model from not clipping side something.

Second thing is that Highlight Instances, as previously highlight the selected object even if its behind something. Now imagine being in team create with some co-worker and all the objects he selects they show up on your screen. After a while it gets distracting and irritating. I don’t want to remove entirely selection outlines for my team create co-workers, because sometimes I still need to see what they are working on.

Third is selecting multiple props with highlight instance makes it impossible to know if you selected the object or not. Look at this image with the framed photo, in this image I selected the wall behind it, now tell me if i am also selecting the photo. You weren’t able to make the different between unselected and selected picture. That is why I had to show you the explorer

I’m not saying highlight instance is useless, it is a treat sometimes when selecting meshes.

I searched on dev forums and wasn’t able to find anything.

If there isn’t a way to disable Highlight Instances Why we have both worlds and be able to switch from Highlight Instances to Classic Bounding boxes.

You can disable the feature of seeing the highlights through walls by enabling occluded on the highlight.

You can try using Studio Tweaks by PeZsmistic.

where is that for the Selection Outline?

it doesnt seem to have anything related to the Highlight Instance Selection Outlines.

It turns off the highlight selection and puts the bounding box selection back, but with more customization.

I cant find the option to turn off highlight selection. Could you show me?

Well, I actually do not know. I apparently don’t have the selection highlight outlines enabled at all. I still have the old box selection for everything even with that plugin disabled.