How do i do pick a location, Like surviving mars or planetbase?

Hello gamers! Im trying to achieve this!

As you can see he can select a location on a planet. My main question would be:

will making it be hard/tedious?
What methods of code did they use?
How long would this probably take?

EDIT: Im still a scripter on the moderate level, I know raycast stuff like that, but i have never used them.

  1. yes it will be hard,
  2. I do not think that is in roblox so I am not sure I know how they did it .:confused:
  3. if you could find out how to do it, probably a while can’t exactly say
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Alright. I think this would be worth. I’ll work myself hard!

Well yes, this will be super hard.

If on Roblox, probably around two-three days (6 hours each day).
If on Unity or something, probably one-two days.

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Hm… Seems reasonable… i think this would take 4 days because OC, and im such a procastinator. But as i said,

Just came from the RoDevs server, here’s one answer, not sure if its the best way but here’s what remi said.

make a frame that moves to the mouse position when you click on the frame, then referencing the X and Y of that frame modify a Vector3 value X and Z to spawn the player he can reference a Object rotation from a Viewport Frame too

It wouldn’t be too hard, considering roblox already provides you with an easy to use terrain editor. For the scripting part, it’s just a placement system with premade paths assigned to npcs

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I was more on so reffering to the picking a location part, where the player chooses the land he’s supposed to land.

There are a few ways to do that. You can either have a few pre decided landing spots and make them choose from that or depending on how large the map is, you can make 1stud on the location chooser = 100+ studs or something like that in the real map

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hm. i’ll experiment around, thanks

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If you go to all black like they do in the video (don’t try to show the world where the player is actually standing), then you can switch to a camera that is somewhere safe and use an actual 3D Roblox sphere (client-side) for the planet (instead of ViewportFrame). Raycast will give you a coordinate on an object it intersects, so that may give a place to start. Trying to figure out how to match up a raycast intersection point with a location on the planet (that’s probably chosen based on the look of a texture map) could be tricky, though maybe not. The first thing that comes to mind is rotating the camera around the planet object so the surface coords don’t change, then using some manual calibration to work out where a click on the globe should land in your world. The rest looks like standard GUI stuff.

Could be a challenge but cool if you nail it. Good luck with it!


Might have found a way.
I’m going to use mesh parts to determine where is the terrain (ex. Mountains, Plains) then use ray cast to check what is terrain is being viewed then when the player selects that an if statement runs and checks if the terrain corresponds to the one he chose.

I think you could do this reasonably quickly. I would get the position of the player’s mouseclick and fire a ray from the click in the direction of the part. Once the ray intersects the part you’ll know the length of the ray, the direction you fired it in and the location of the click. Now you have a vector that references the part of the planet that the player clicked on.

Ah! yes. I think this would be doable. I haven’t experimented with raycasting yet, but ill give it a shot.