How do I do these tricks in Blender? (Read to understand)

Okay, so I genuinely thought I was a good GFX artist until I saw this pop up on twitter…

All rights and credits goes to @i5k (Click here for his twitter)

So basically, I’m wondering how he does this. Is it photoshop or blender.

I highlighted all the “How does he do the lighting/effects?” in Blue
I highlighted all the “How does he get their reflectance?” In Red
I highlighted all the “How does he make it 3D?” in Green

Also, how do I apply a rig to all types of packages?

I don’t understand and I’ve been trying to play around with blender but it doesn’t come out like this. :man_shrugging:

Is it something to do with the node editor?

Also, if i5k see’s this, please tell me what render engine you use. :pleading_face:

I’m just seeking for help on how to do these edits in blender/photoshop.

I’ll never class myself good until I’m able to do something along those lines.


Hello, I think the artist has managed to either create these effects in blender using universal lighting or they have edited the image on an editing software. I believe that @i5k uses cinema 4D to create their renders, hope I could help a bit.

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These all can be accomplished via nodes and/or lighting in Blender.

The backlight effect (if that’s the technical term? I’m not a photographer) is likely well-placed light objects. The eyes are just Emission in the Principled BSDF node maxed out (if they’re using Blender).

Specular or Metallic settings in the Principled BSDF in Blender can do this.

That’s a normal map and node.

In summary, regardless of what software the artist used to make this (very well composed) render, all of these effects can be achieved with nodes and lighting in Blender.

Read up on in and do a few tutorials - I will mention that the Roblox dev forum isn’t really the best place to ask for Blender specific questions, and you’d be better off going to the forums of whatever software you’re using for more insight.


I thought it was something to do with the node editor, but wasn’t able to fully wrap my head around it.

Rip part on his pants are actually probably done by having two separate “limbs”, one is the skin and other is pants. Skin is shrinked so its behind the clothes.

(I can assure you I’m doing the same thing, its just hard to tell)

I suggest watching tutorials on the basics on how to actually use Blender as a software instead of searching up “roblox gfx tutorials.” Blender has so many features, and at first it could seem like so much stuff, but eventually you’ll get there. And if you think that’s good, I think you should go around and search up stuff in art station. There are much better examples of good work created by industry professionals.

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The only question that hasn’t be answered, lol. After this has been answered, I’ll mark it as solved. :heavy_check_mark:

For this, I suggest learning to create your own rigs, and like I said, it may seem hard at first, but it’s actually not as hard as you think (if you make a basic one at least).

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Hey I just wanted to see if I could help, most of the things you highlighted were available because I use octane. I have the option to render passes for indirect and direct reflections and which allowed me to enhance the floor’s specularity on photoshop. The rim lights are made by Light linking (not sure if Blender has it) Another thing , the 3d clothes is just a displacement map ^^ You can find a tutorial by SoftGB on youtube, let me know if I can do anything else to help


That’s quite unusual and I’ve never heard of it before. I’m scared to try it because there’s hardly any Roblox tutorials on it so I’m assuming it’s hard to use.

The things you highlighted in blue is called rim lighting, You can easily achieve it by using emission planes, All you do is make an emission plane then position it to the charatcer which makes that effect!

The stuff you highlighted in red can be done by going to the material properties in blender and puting the roughness of the floor down (drag the slider) The lower the roughness the more reflections, You can also put specular up which will also cause the effect an make it more shiny i guess.

For the green highlighted stuff, its not really hard, SoftGB made an easy tutorials to achive the 3d clothing, I recommend you watch it Here.


I believe the technical term is “Rim Light.” Very commonly used technique to separate the subject from the background, or just simply for dramatic effect! :happy3:


This effect I do it by placing a light next to the character (IN BLENDER)

First you must go to the option “add” Then you select “light” And then “point” You can select the intensity and color and you place it where you want

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