How do I do this?

Basically I have seen many plugins that have text appear on the screen without an actual widget, Such as this one animation plugin

How does one do this? Cause I must know


Plugins in roblox studio use the same GUI elements as you are referring to, they are just not visible in the workspace.

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One way for a plugin to put text on the screen is to create a ScreenGui within game.CoreGui

I see. Is there a doc for this? I know nothing about core gui ngl

CoreGui | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Here is coregui’s documentation: CoreGui | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
However, for your use case you can treat it same as StarterGui.

So like I just parent the gui to coregui? Simple enough

Yup, that’s all there is to it. Keep in mind that only plugin scripts may access coregui or anything inside of it.

Wait how do I access coregui? I looked at the doc but couldnt figure it out

You can access CoreGui via game.CoreGui or game:GetService(“CoreGui”)

Plugins have the same permissions regular scripts to, in fact: their permissions are elevated.
Usually, this would be stored in CoreGui: which you can access by going to file > studio settings > scroll down to the “Explorer” section and find “Show Hidden Objects in Explorer”, “Show Core GUI in Explorer while Playing”, and “Show pluginGUI service in Explorer”. Check these 3 boxes and hit close, not the x. Now, restart studio and it should show.

I am PRETTY sure CoreGui is locked to Studio scripts

That is what I said. By “only plugin scripts may access coregui” I meant that only plugin scripts, not studio scripts, can access coregui. If you try to access coregui with a studio script you will get the error “The current thread cannot access ‘CoreGui’ (lacking capability Plugin).”

I was just clarifying for him, as you said it after which made it sound like you can still access it with that.

Place it in a ScreenGui in CoreGui upon plugin initialization.

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