How do I download a published version of my game?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
    I want to download an already published version of my game as a Roblox file so that I can then open it and work on it on Roblox Studio.

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    The reason I want to do this is because I encountered a glitch in one of my mechanics and would like to revert to a previous version or at least the published version.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    I have found no discussions that were even remotely close to what I was saying. I was getting results about how to publish a game, or download Roblox/Roblox Studio on the web, and other topics in the dev forum.


One possible solution is, while editing the published game in Roblox Studio, to press the “FILE” button at the top right corner of the window, and select “Download a Copy”; the file will be saved in an .RBXL format. Here is a Roblox Documentation article regarding the same topic: Save and Publish

I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. How do I edit the exact version of my published game (that’s available on the Roblox website) in Roblox Studio? I curently have a version in Studio that has a glitch in one of the game mechanics, so I don’t what it. I want to download from the Roblox website to my pc so I can open it in Studio. Not download a copy of what I currently have in Studio to my pc. You’re thinking Studio to pc, I’m saying Roblox website (with the older version) to pc.

You can revert to previous version, but the version “on roblox” is the one you last published. So you can go to your profile, your games, and then click the little pencil icon

Head over to the Creator Dashboard, and click the “pencil” icon on which ever game you want to edit in Studio. If there are changes in between the published game and the one in Roblox Studio, those are two completely different files.

Unless you’re attempting to revert the current game on the website to a previous version. This is, or was possible, but unfortunately, I can’t find an option to do so on the Creator Dashboard.

The BTRoblox plugin lets you download from your version history (which also includes the latest update)


This unfortunately did not work. Just to reiterate, what I mean by “published version” is the version of the game where you click play on the game available on Roblox website. I clicked play and the gameplay mechanics were different (no bugs) from what I had when I clicked on the pencil icon to edit in Studio.

That shouldn’t happen, edit will always get you the latest version. It’s possible there is a bug that didn’t happen last time you played, but it was present. Sometimes when you for example are trying to access the character, it can be fine 1 day but when you have a slow connection, it breaks

I’m not trying to revert the version available on the website to something else, I want to revert the version available on Studio to the version available on the website.

So if that’s the case, when I go on the website and click on the pencil icon to edit in Studio, it’s different than when I just open up Studio directly and edit my game?

Yes. Because the game itself, isn’t published (maybe). But you did save your file.
You can try revert, or check your autosaves

For clarity:

  • you can save your game
  • you can publish your game

Saving only affects studio file. Publishing only affects game. So it’s like the game is “behind”, an update

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Ok, I’ll try it if there are no easier, more intuitive solutions. I just wanna know if there are (or aren’t) any before I do this though.

In that case, you’d probably have to save the Studio version by clicking “FILE > Save to Roblox As” and selecting the game on the website in order to overwrite it.

Does this overwrite the one on the website to Studio’s or the other way around? I want the latter.

Just to clarify for OP’s sake.

There are two buttons:

  • Save to Roblox
  • Publish to Roblox

Both of them will automatically upload your data to Roblox’s servers. Unless you do it yourself (with the exception of autosaves) Roblox Studio will NOT save a local file of it at all. That is an entirely different button.

Saving to Roblox will only upload the data without publishing it. This allows you to code on-the-go over various devices without actually pushing the code to production. IOW, players won’t be able to see your changes.

Publishing to Roblox, on the other hand, WILL push the changes to production and players joining new servers will see your changes.

Their game is currently at the latest saved version. They want to revert to the last PUBLISHED version.

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Thanks, OnceCrowned. Looks like there are no easier alternatives and this will have to be the solution for this problem.

I believe it was the latter. unless something changed as a result of the overhaul on the Create page. I apologize for not being able to assist you, but I’m glad that you were able to have your question solved.

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