How do i download :GetUserThumbnailAsync images?

It’s simple, i want to know how to download :GetUserThumbnailAsync images.

You could screenshot the image.

Sorry for the late response, i tried screenshotting it, but the image proportions were innacurate, and not good to use (i’m using the images for a dialogue box, but i want to make custom faces for the dialogue boxes)

Get the Thumbnails API here:

In this case, I would just clone the player’s character and then set the parent of the clone to a viewportframe, and you can just customize their clone (so in your case, you would set the face decal to your custom one).

If you don’t know what viewportframes are, it’s basically a GUI that allows you to show 3d parts/models. Here’s an article explaining it more:

So i can simply paste the link of the thumbnail to get the link?

I mean, yeah. You could just try it out and see if that’s what you need. Roblox API docs pages also allow you to simulate calls on the API. Thumbnails API (I like the individual endpoints docs pages over the consolidated, no reason why). Input your UserId, get the link, save the image that’s included in the response JSON. Example of my avatar, 420x420 Headshot.

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Oh ok, thanks! (pretty cool avatar btw!)