How do I easily scale a r6 rig?

So Im making a script and I need the script to make the player half their size so smaller. But I dont know how to do it for R6 rigs? I know that you can change the Player size and stuff easily if its a r15 rig but how do I do it for r6 easily and not long lines of code?

You cant change the size of Rig6 Humanoid type but you can make your game work only with Rig15
if you try to scale the player of a part of the player he will die

this should be what your looking for

(9) Character Scaling (R6 and R15) - Roblox


(you should reverse it if you didn’t catch on)

change the VERY FIRST line to 0.5, then when you touch the part, you should be half as small!