How Do I Edit Button Script?

Hello Developers! :hammer_and_wrench:

I’m trying to go further on the Roblox Build It Play It animation challenge. I am wondering how to edit the script of the buttons roblox made for the challenge. If you know how to edit the script of buttons, please post in the thread! Thank you in advance!

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Game > ServerScriptService > Animation Management > Scripts > Script
And add this: },
name = β€œfall”,
id = (Animations.FallAnimationID.Value ~= β€œβ€
and β€œ” … Animations.FallAnimationID.Value) or β€œβ€,
isLoaded = false,

Replace the fall and the other stuff with your thing you want to do, ex. laugh,
And go to serverstorage and replace the animationid!

Would this go to the button script?
Others other than @punsALT are free to answer.

Whoops I thought you were talking about the animations, Sorry

It's okay!

Hello! I’m just posting to get activity in this topic. If you can answer the about question, please reply!