How do I efficiently copy Asset IDs from the game's memory?

I have been finding the need to access game assets. While I could just screenshot decals, I prefer getting the original assets used in the game as they are stored in their original resolution and transparency. The method of checking the memory in the developer console is certainly a solution disregarding the sluggishness when it comes to finding one specific asset, but the process is tedious to work with.

The primary problem I am being faced with is that I don’t know how to get assets any faster. I preferably want the Asset IDs dumped into a text document, that way I can quickly check each asset in the game just by copying and pasting.

I have tried to use the “dump memory” button, but it doesn’t seem to work the way I expected. If anyone has a way to narrow down what part of the memory is dumped or a tool which dumps asset delivery memory, please share the method.